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Monday, July 2, 2012


Nowak and Gutierrez (
Diego Gutierrez pointed to his relationship with John Hackworth as the reason for his dismissal as the Union's scouting director.

Gutierrez said he was removed from his post last week, a few days before Philly Soccer Page broke the story Sunday night. Here's what Gutierrez had to say, when I reached him by phone Monday:

On the situation:
“Let's face it – I think, first and foremost, I'm thankful for the opportunity Nick (Sakiewicz) gave me to come on board. As you look back, the club has to be satisfied with the job I've done and the foundation I've laid. … The successful signings and negotiations of transfers were satisfactory. But it appears the Union are headed toward a different era. John and I don't know each other well, except for working together for two years. He likes things done his way and he attacks things with a different passion."

On when it happened:
“This went down last week. Basically, it was a conversation (Hackworth) and I had and our views moving forward didn't match up. He wants to have a clean slate to take advantage of the opportunity he has."

On the theory that anyone with ties to Peter Nowak is heading out the door:
“I can't make a comment on Alecko (Eskandarian, the youth director who also was dismissed), but I worked my hardest. Gave it 100 percent. I gave it 100 percent for Peter and I would've given it 100 percent for John. I've been around the block for 20 years. I know changes are made. I have no ill feelings toward the club. If anything I'm grateful for the opportunity to show what I can do."

On whether he'll return to work as an agent, or seek similar employment to his position with the Union:
“I don't know. At this point, I'm at the golf course and I plan on being here for the next couple weeks until I figure out what the next move is and let go of my emotions. Right now, I think it's all too fresh and I don't have a clear mind. It's got to be a couple weeks. I think I have too much to offer to the league. I have a lot of tools to succeed."

On final thoughts:
“I poured my soul into this job with insane hours to make this club better. I just want people to know I am not bitter and I don't hold anything against anyone. I wish the Union success in the future."

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As for Hackworth's point of view, he told reporters Monday in a conference call that it was his decision to remove Gutierrez and Eskandarian from their posts. He also said their duties will be divided amongst the rest of the technical staff.

For more on the story, click here.

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