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Monday, April 22, 2013

Union 3-2 D.C. United: Post-game quotes

From the P.R. people at the game today, some reaction from both sides. 

From left, Brian Carroll, Keon Daniel and Conor Casey
celebrate the latter's goal in the first half of a 3-2 win over
D.C. United Sunday. (Associated Press)

Union coach John Hackworth On getting the win:
“Well my first thought is it’s a huge three points. And it’s on the road and in a place we’ve never won before and that’s massive for us. A little bit of a crazy game, but you’d expect nothing less coming down here and having these two teams play. I thought we did some really good things. [We] didn’t really hold [possession] the way we wanted to the whole game. But we got the three points and that’s huge.”
On the results on the road:
“We’re tactically playing better. We understand what we need to do when we come on the road, in these really tough environments, and everything is gonna go against us and how we’re gonna have to try and manage it. Our team is growing up. And, you know, as a result you’re really starting to see us compete for points on the road.”
On Union’s transition play: “Yeah, I thought we did a really good job, especially early, obviously, in the game. We dropped our line of confrontation a little bit, we tried to squeeze in a little bit in the space that they love to play and we knew we were gonna have a team that was gonna come at us really hard with a lot of energy. And when you have those kinds of situations set up you know that that leaves them a little vulnerable behind them. And we certainly took advantage of that today.”

On Conor Casey’s impact: “He’s the player. He’s the dimension that we haven’t had. And not only does he do it with his back to goal, he finishes a great chance, but he’s defending on restarts and all those little things. He’s good in possession when you need him to be. He’s getting out of tight spaces. So, [it was] a huge game from Conor. I’m not surprised because I always believed that he could do that. I’ve seen him do it a number of times. I’m just happy he’s doing it for the Philadelphia Union now.”
On not using some of the bigger names on the squad in tonight’s match: “Sure, but you know… look, all the guys – [Jose] Kléberson, Roger [Torres], [Sebastian] Le Toux – all really good players that we didn’t use today. But that’s indicative of our team. We have a lot more depth now, we have choices, and when a game dictates a certain change, we’re able to bring in a guy off the bench that can do that. Certainly Kléberson was a thought, and we talked about it a lot on the bench, but it wasn’t the right opportunity to bring him in the game.”
On Danny Cruz getting an assist against his former team: “Yeah, Danny was always gonna be super-motivated for this game. He played a really good game. Put in a tremendous amount of work, but really he was out threat going forward and initiating our quick transition. And he did it well and gets the assist, but he also did so much work on the other side of the ball today.”

Union forward Jack McInerney

On scoring early in the game: “Yeah, coach Hack showed us some quotes that almost guaranteed a win— kind of pumped us up a little bit. You know it’s going to be a battle, especially with the rivalry, so we came out just firing.” On the team’s mentality: “We knew that this game was going break us away from the pack, especially if we got a win since we had this game and next game on the road. We needed to get a result. I think it’s huge for us.”
On his confidence level: “Confidence is everything for a young player. If you don’t have it, you’re never going to play as good as you can. And I think scoring obviously it keeps raising my confidence. And if we keep winning games, and I’m scoring, it’s only going to get better.”
On talk of the Gold Cup roster and the Golden Boot Award: “I just want to win. Scoring is winning. And those kind of things just come along. They’re not my choices or anything, but right now the goal is just to make the playoffs with the team, and that is what I am focused on right now.”

Union forward Conor Casey On McInerney’s ability to score goals and their connection:
“It’s just coming very easy to him right now. It’s something that we are going to try to continue to improve in terms of our connection, trying to combine together, and just keep working on it day by day.”
On his goal: “Danny laid a nice ball back to me, and it just seemed like everyone was going that way, so I tried to sneak it near post, and it found its way through their somehow.”
On his positive effect on this team: “I think that there are a lot of very hungry guys on this team in general. It is a young team, but they play with chips on their shoulders’ and want to prove something. That is a good thing for this team, and that’s something that I kind of always brought to my game too—just a desire to win. They haven’t had a great deal of success over the years, but it is a very hungry team right now. We just really have to build of this start to the season.”

Union midfielder Danny Cruz On Conor Casey’s impact on the team: “Yeah, he’s brought a lot. Not only has he brought a big body for us that holds the ball up really well, he gives us a little energy and passion that we don’t always see. He gives us energy and passion that people don’t always see. He’s very passionate about the way he plays the game. He’s a rough, physical forward and we love playing with him. I love being able to lay the ball off to him and know he’s gonna either keep it or shoot. He’s brought a lot.”
On Hackworth’s confidence in his play: “He’s been really important in my development, in my entire career since I was a kid. And he believes in me and any time a coach believes in you that’s all that matters. There’s not many people that I care about their opinions, but he’s one of them, and my teammates, obviously important as well. So I have tried to grow underneath him, grow under this team and hopefully try to get better every week.”

D.C United Head Coach Ben Olsen On what is missing from the team’s performances: “We’re having trouble putting together full games, where the offense is doing their part and the defense is doing what they do, and that’s kind of been the theme. Today offensively, I thought we created a lot of chances and we were dynamic at times and that’s a positive. But the way we started a game, that’s just unacceptable. It’s very alarming that we started the way we started. I guess I can sit here and take blame, sure. I don’t know, but we’ll get back to work and we’ll search for a complete game. We’ll go back to the film, continue to hammer home some of the simple, basic things we’re not doing right now. We knew what that team’s about. They have a long throw-in, which is probably their best attack and they do a great job on the counterattack, but we gave them the first goal. The second one they got just on a counter – they did pretty well with it. The third one was a long throw-in, which is one of their best weapons.”
On the Union’s game plan:
“It’s difficult. I thought they obviously watched the New York [Red Bulls] game and said, ‘Here’s a recipe: sit back, counter, score. Sit back, counter, score.’ It’s what New York did. So, the ball movement, after the [score of the] game is 2-1, 3-1, is different because they’re sitting back. We had a little bit of trouble unlocking them in the first part, but I was okay with our ball movement and the chances we created.”

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