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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Revolution 5-1 Union: Post-game qutoes

Union manager John Hackworth
On having two goals called back:"It’s hard. I think there’s some plays that are made early in that second half, and we felt like we did all the right things coming out of the locker room at halftime and had the momentum and we get the equalizer and we feel like we got the go-ahead goal … twice. For whatever reason, the officials felt otherwise. It’s incredibly hard to take that part of it, because it changes so much. And then you’ve got to give New England credit because they were really good. Kelyn (Rowe) has two fantastic goals, and they kept going after it and obviously the momentum dramatically shifted after that. Strange, strange night. We’re just left wondering how at his level, some of that can happen."

On the pace of the game early:
The first half was strange for us too because Keon Daniel rolls his ankle, he can’t play, and that effectively it exactly where Kelyn gets his first goal from. We get in good positions, and we just didn’t execute. We had six corner kicks in the first half and several crosses and entries into the box and the quality was missing. We talked about what we’re good at and what we needed to do in the second half, and I think we came out and did those things. It’s hard to swallow.

On coming back from the loss:
A loss is a loss. At the end of the day, that’s not what we came up here to do. So we have to keep it in perspective. We’ll do what we do after every game, win, lose or draw, we’ll look at the video and try to make a lot of corrections and try to make a game plan for next week.

Union midfielder Brian Carroll
On the loss:
It’s a tough one to swallow right now. It’s hard to really speak about it to be honest. It’s a tough loss. We have to find a way to stick together and respond. We’ve found a way to respond most of the year, and we need to find another way.

On recovering from the loss:
We have to stay together and get a good game plan together. Sometimes results like this are a big wake up call and you can react one of two ways: You can let it get you down or you can stay strong, stay together and fight harder and stay together for the rest of the season. And we have to find a way to do that latter part.

Union midfielder Danny Cruz
On his goal:
Conor (Casey) played a good ball though. I was in on the break and I just had to touch it around the keeper and tried to finish it from a little bit of a tough angle, but we were happy with that at the time.

On the goals cancelled out:
I haven’t seen the offside goal, so I’m not really going to comment about that. I think that calling back that second goal, I think it was unfair to us. We worked pretty hard to get into the position we’re in. And unfortunately I think the ref was a little one-sided and that kind of epitomized the night for us.

On recovering from the loss:
We don’t have a choice but to come back tomorrow and prepare like that. ... We’re still in the playoffs and we’re still in a position to make the playoffs.

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