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Friday, September 30, 2016

Union on Union: Players salaries for September

Thanks to the MLS Players Union, we can say for sure that Alejandro Bedoya
is the best compensated player in franchise history. (AP)
Do you feel that little nip in the air on a Friday in September? That’s the MLS Players Union letting you know that it’s newest batch of salary information is out. The final numbers for the 2016 season were released Friday, reflective of each teams’ final salary commitments after the roster freeze enacted in mid-September.

The summer’s action has been more intensive than usual for the Philadelphia Union, with the arrival of Alejandro Bedoya, the exit of Vincent Nogueira and Sebastien Le Toux and a couple of other moves. So here’s the Union’s current salary picture (grouped in fives for ease of reading; figures are “base salary/guaranteed compensation”):

Senior roster (20 spots)
Roland Alberg $328,000/$377,250
Fabinho $142,000/$150,008
Eric Ayuk $62,500/$62,500
Tranquillo Barnetta $650,000/$709,100
Alejandro Bedoya $1,100,004/$1,166,254

Brian Carroll $120,000/$128,000
Anderson $150,000/$174,166
Warren Creavalle $118,000/$125,666
Charlie Davies $108,937/$113,315
Maurice Edu $725,000/$793,750

Leo Fernandes $63,000/$63,000
Ray Gaddis $150,000/$152,500
Ilsinho $430,000/$478,333
Matt Jones $75,000/$80,625
Kevin Kratz $62,508/$76,758

Richie Marquez $63,000/$63,000
John McCarthy $79,000/$88,250
Chris Pontius $380,000/$411,000
Walter Restrepo $125,000/$139,500
CJ Sapong $225,000/$225,000

Supplemental Roster (8 spots)
Andre Blake $100,000/$138,000
Fabian Herbers $100,000/$125,500
Josh Yaro $130,000/$194,000
Derrick Jones $51,504/$57,404
Auston Trusty $51,500/$80,604

Ken Tribbett $51,500/$51,500
Taylor Washington $51,500/$51,500
Keegan Rosenberry $62,500/$68,312

Cole Missimo $51,500/$51,500*
* Season-long loan to Bethlehem Steel.

Total salary budget (1-20): $5,156,949/$5,527,975
Total budget (1-28): $5,755,453/$6,294,791
Total expenditure (w/ off-budget): $5,806,953/$6,346,291

Some highlights:

- The new numbers are the obvious point off attention. Alejandro Bedoya is officially the highest paid player in Union history with a total guaranteed compensation of $1.116 million. As a designated player, he only counts $450k against the salary cap. Charlie Davies' numbers were known from New England, while Kevin Kratz makes the veteran minimum of $62,000 with a slight bump in guaranteed compensation as is standard in such international cases.

- There are also two Homegrown signings. Both Derrick Jones and Auston Trusty are at the rookie minimum of $51,500 for salary-cap purposes. Trusty’s guaranteed compensation, however, is higher at $80,600, likely an enticement to shun his college scholarship offer/rumored European interest.

- We also have to look at what money the Union shed this summer. Between Sebastien Le Toux ($300k/$310,228), Vincent Nogueira ($400k) and Michael Lahoud ($110,000/$115,637), $810,000 comes off the salary cap, $825,865 in guaranteed comp.

- Here's the net change from the May numbers: The Union’s salary budget in May was $4.523 million/$4.820 million. The September figures constitute a 14 percent increase from May. On total expenditures, which includes supplemental roster and off-budget players, the Union are shelling out $5.806 million/$6.346 million. That’s an increase of 10.8 percent/11.8 percent from May. It’s important to note that the Union employ two more players now than in May.

- There are a handful of raises involved, though none altered a player's base salary. Fabinho and Tranquillo Barnetta increased compensation, likely a type of service-time bonus for players who signed during summer windows. Brian Carroll and Keegan Rosenberry both got bumps, which could owe to incentive-laden deals. John McCarthy received a $3k raise, while Anderson (remember him?) makes about $9k more. (Oh, what a read those transcontinental loan deals must be.) Barnetta, whose compensation increased $22,000, is the only one garnering a raise over $10k.

- There’s some assumption on my part in who’s on the senior/supplemental roster. Eric Ayuk and Keegan Rosenberry are interchangeable. Richie Marquez could also be there. (Stipulation is league minimum players age 24 or younger by birth year.)

- This is the first time I can recall since 2012 that the Union exceed four combined Homegrowns and Generation Adidas players. It’s a fairly trivial distinction as to who is in the 24th position on the roster and who is 25th between the HGPs.

- Even though he’s no longer on the active roster via season-long loan to Bethlehem Steel, the Union are still on the hook for paying Cole Missimo’s $51,500 salary, which is still a remarkable reduction to past year’s on-loan budgets.

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