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Saturday, March 31, 2012


This week, Danny Mwanga found out he and the Union would get a chance to take on Aston Villa, the club with which Mwanga trained for 10 days during the offseason, this summer in an international friendly.

But the return of Sebastien Le Toux, with whom Mwanga played in the Union's attack for two seasons, in today's match against Vancouver was more intriguing to Mwanga.

“It'll be a good matchup beside Sebastien coming back here and, overall, it'll be a very good test because they're a good team,” Mwanga said of the Whitecaps (2-0-1), who sit in first place in the Western Conference.

“(Sebastien and I) had a very good time together. Most of the games where we paired up like Houston, where I assisted him for the one goal and he gave me an assist back for my goal, we had a few games where we had a good combination. ... Those are good memories for me.”

Le Toux worked to bring along Mwanga during his rookie season in 2010, when Mwanga had seven goals. Together, they guided the Union to a 2011 playoff berth. Of course, Mwanga also was asked this week of the July 18 friendly the Union scheduled against Aston Villa, the English Premier League side with which Mwanga trained for 10 days. Mwanga later joined the Union in Orlando, Fla., on the second leg of their preseason.

“I was there for training and now we get a chance to play against them,” Mwanga said. “My time there was great. It was a learning experience with the forwards to see what pace they move the ball and how they stay attacking-minded all game. That's one of the things I learned while I was there.”

Tickets to the summer exhibition are available for purchase currently.

(Times staff photo / ERIC HARTLINE)

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