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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sounders 2-2 Union: Post-Game Quotes

Union forward Conor Casey, left, duels with Seattle Sounders
defender Djimi Traore during Saturday's 2-2 draw between
the clubs. (Times Staff/JULIA WILKINSON)

Union manager John Hackworth
On the defense response after Parke is injured:
Great response. Really good but then we let up and we let the second one in. you work so hard to get back in that game and we put a lot of energy to get back in that game. Should have been back at halftime, for sure and we are down a goal. Get two back in the second, do all the right things, should have got a third. Our fault for giving up that second one for sure.

On Danny Cruz stepping up in the second half
We talked about the fact that we just had to come out with as much urgency, and as much pressure and as much...we were playing good at the end of that first half, we had put a lot of balls into the box but execution was really poor and I said to the guys, there is nothing I can say as a coach to get you to execute a skill that you guys are all really good at, but I can get you to play harder and you have got to just keep going, you have got to keep your foot on the gas and know that it is coming and believe in it and thank goodness....For Danny it was especially pleasing because he probably has been microscoped a little bit and criticized for some missed chances and for sure he takes two great chances there. So I am really happy for him.

On changing strategy when going down men:
It changes everything. You have to make major adjustments every time a red card is given and when two red cards are given and you are making some subs, it is very difficult. But to be fair, I think we made the right ones. I don’t want to keep beating the dead horse on this but I don’t know how there is 3 minutes of injury time when it looked like it took 3 minutes for him to decide to give the first red cards alone. There were 3 goals scored, I think there were 6 subs. So a lot of those little decisions. Ill try not to talk about it the rest of the press conference.

On Jack McInerney's substitution:
Jack had emptied the tank. He had done so much work. We had tried to put Antoine (Hoppenot) on and put Jack at right mid but he just didn’t have anything left. So we ended up having to put him back up high and moving Antoine back at right midfield. So at the end there we wanted to bring in fresh legs and the thought is Sebastian (Le Toux) is equally as good at those opportunities so...wish we would have had a little more playing time to execute though.

On second half formations:
I think in the end it is execution is the answer, but we pushed Gabe forward into the midfield and essentially came out with 3 players in the back to start the second half. That allowed Michael to push up and inside and I think that was, early, very hard for them to deal with. They tried to compensate by pushing guys to their right hand side, which opened up our right hand side on their left hand side and we got the matchup we wanted against Cruz and (Leo) Gonzalez.

Union defender Amobi Okugo
On the Union’s defense of late:
We’ve limited the shots on goal to about less than three a game, but the chances that we’re giving up are clear chances, and the other teams have been doing a good job of capitalizing on them. We’ve got to go back to the drawing board. Defensively, I thought we did well today, but they had two good chances—three good chances, and they capitalized on two of them. If we could just limit the chances that they get, maybe we can get a shutout, or keep them to one goal.

Defender Sheanon Williams
On his interaction with the referee following his sending off:
(The referee) said that we both headbutted each other, which is false. I didn’t headbutt (Lamar Neagle); he didn’t headbutt me either. I asked (Neagle) when we were going off if he thought that I headbutted him, and he said ‘no.’ He didn’t headbutt me, and that’s the explanation that the referee gave us. If you want to give us a yellow for a shoving match, that’s fine, but to throw us out of a game for something that we both didn’t do, I thought that was just a little unfair.

On the match:
I thought we played better than they did. I thought we played one hundred times better than they did. The score doesn’t show that, we tied…two great goals from Danny coming out of the second half. We wanted to start the second half that way, and we did. He finished two great opportunities that we didn’t finish off in the first half. I thought we had a number of good chances in the first half, and then they got that goal back. I haven’t had a chance to see that replay, just a cross into the box that they finished off. I think even after that, we got a number of chances, still, during the run of play, and if we can continue to play like that, that’s more to our style, and that’s something that suits us.

Seattle Sounders manager Sigi Schmid

On the game:
We were happy that once we got down two to one that we came back and equalized the game. I thought we had some chances earlier in the game that we should have done a little more with and obviously they came back and had chances. It could have been five- five, it was a pretty open game, a pretty attack-minded game.

On the red cards:
I am not happy about us getting the two cards, I didn’t quite understand the first set of circumstances, I was a little confused by that.

On his team getting into a flow early:
Well its good for us to score a goal, it’s good for us to be able to score early but when we score we have got to hold on to that and use it to our advantage, which we did by creating some chances after that.

On the difference in the start of the second half:
Well they (Philadelphia) started to control the game from about the 25th minute on, they were over-loading the outsides, they were bringing their outside backs forward. The game was physical—not much was being called—that allowed them to get through on some combinations, then we were tucked in a little too far and we gave them too much control.

Sounders midfielder Mauro Rosales
On the crazy game:
Yeah, we get a point, which is very good for the team, but being ahead in the first half we should keep the ball and try to score again goal to control the game but they have good players and played very well today and they won the half. In the second half, the two early goals I think we didn’t come with the same concentration as the first half. It was a good result, we got points a way, it is not what we wanted, we wanted three.

Sounders forward Eddie Johnson
On end of the game getting chippy:
That’s part of the sport; I don’t know why people read into it. It is two teams playing for three points. Three points for us was very meaningful in this game but we are happy with a point. It goes to show the passion, the passion for the game, the fans are even into it, and that’s what will make the sport big in America.

On coming away with a point:
Yeah, I think we started off well. A lot of new faces out there, a lot of different players on the field, the lineup has been different, we haven’t had a consistent lineup this year. I thought we came out and had a good start of the game, the first 20 minutes, and then they started to play good football and create chance and make it difficult for us. We knew that coming into the game, playing away from your home against a team that has been scoring goals lately. We expected that. But like I said it is good to get out of here with two goals, get a point and we are looking forward to the next game.

On scoring the goal:
It is good for confidence. I missed three games, and at the end of the day the good goal scorers, they have rhythm just playing game after game after game. That’s how you get your sharpness and confidence. I have been battling a hamstring injury the last couple weeks but now it’s right and I’m looking forward to getting my rhythm back. I’ve been trying to make a difference the last couple games, we have been playing some good soccer, and I just want to make an impact. I wouldn’t change the way I played at all.

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