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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

John Hackworth's weekly presser: Talking Taylor Twellman

It's been a rough week for the Philadelphia Union; score lines like the 5-1 drubbing New England delivered last week, couple with a couple of disallowed goals and a late red card to Amobi Okugo will do that.

Part of the process of moving on from that disastrous result, said Union manager John Hackworth, is putting it in the past. It's something he indicated isn't very easy given the attention of the media, and one interaction in particular. In full, here's what Hackworth had to say:

"It’s tough to move on from that, but we do our video and then our process is that we do move on," Hackworth said. "So I think from a coaching standpoint and from our staff and from our players, what we’ve all said is that we have to move on, we have to move on. But it’s hard when stuff keeps getting shoved in your face about how you are embarrassed or things are said on TV about that without any kind of acknowledgement.

"I’ll give you a for instance: When I want back to the hotel Sunday night, I’m watching the ESPN game, Seattle-Portland. And Taylor (Twellman), who I think does a great job, he clearly didn’t see the game so all he knows is that it’s a 5-1 result. Is that reality of what happened in that game right? Well if you just look at the score, you certainly have something to judge on. But if you know we didn’t play well in the first half and in the first 10 minutes of the second half literally put the ball in the back of the net three times against a team that’s had 12 shutouts in this league and know that two of them got called back, you probably have a different perception of what happened there."

It's not exactly a direct shot at Twellman, the former Revs striking star, Union broadcaster and now ESPN soccer commentator. But it does speak to how Hackworth started his presser, about the difference between perception and reality in assessing results across MLS. It also is a manifestation of a team that has struggled for respect all season and is certainly getting dumped on after a disastrous loss.

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Anonymous Rob said...

that feels like a cop out by Hack. That game was every bit as bad as the score indicated. The Union had 2 goals waived off (one rightly by the way). The Revs missed a sitter right before the half ended. It's all about the end result and in the end the Union took the the loss they deserved..

August 28, 2013 at 2:17 PM 

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